Your Engagement Photo Shoot.

Our guide to an engagement shoot –

And getting the most out of it.

Congratulations! You are engaged, this is so exciting and your wedding planning journey can really begin now. There will be a ton of things going through your mind, wedding date, venue and who to invite to mention but a few. One thing that you should really consider is whether to have an engagement photo shoot ( also known as a pre wedding shoot) or not.

engagement photoshoot, wedding couple to be on photoshoot with their dog

Why do I need an engagement shoot?

The short answer is that you don’t. But there are lots of great reasons why you should have an engagement photo shoot. The first and the most common one is that our couples tell us that one of them (or sometimes both) are unsure about having their photos taken. An engagement photo shoot is the perfect way to help you get over this nervousness. To get you comfortable with each other in front of the camera, and also help you to get to know your photographers. This will be the time you can see how they work with you and have chance to ask questions about your photographs on the wedding day itself. 100% of our wedding couples who had an engagement shoot, told us that they were so glad they did.
You may want to recreate your proposal, having an engagement photo shoot is a fantastic way to express and capture that excitement and anticipation you both have in the lead up to your big day. Many of our couples who have a pre wedding shoot use a photograph from their shoot to use on save the date cards or on a signing board on their wedding day.

Where should we have our engagement photo shoot?

We say that this can be anywhere. Possibly at a place that is special to you both the place where you became engaged.

engagement photoshoot, saltburn

We have photographed engagement shoots in lots of different places, the beach, couples own houses, historic Abbey ruins, parks and in the beautiful open countryside. The choice is yours.

engagement photshoot, bride and groom to be at abbey ruins on photoshoot

engagment photoshoot, bride and groom to be with their dog

pre wedding photoshoot, bride and groom to be

What do we wear? What do we bring to our engagement photo shoot?

Simple wear whatever you are comfortable in, as for us the engagement shoot is all about photographing the two of you together. The way you look at each other, the way you smile at each other we just want you to be yourselves, forget that we are there and let us photograph you for exactly who you are. This is why we love engagement photoshoots. There are no schedules, no other places to be, time to relax and enjoy the moments.
What to bring? Again whatever you want, sons, daughters parents or your family pet, all of these matter so much to you and of course we have included them all in previous engagement photo shoots.

engagement photo shoot, bride and groom to be with their dog

pre wedding photoshoot, bride to be looking at her husband to be

engagement shoot, family walking together

Planning an early photoshoot.

We have had the best experiences of engagement photo shoots which have been planned out properly. Think about when you want your shoot to take place, in relation to your big day. If you plan to use your engagement photos for cards or signing boards this will help you make that choice.
You may want to really capture the raw happiness which comes when you first get engaged, we would say to book an engagement shoot soon after you become engaged. As your pictures will be ready quickly doing an early engagement shoot could let you use your engagement photos as part of a formal engagement announcement to friends and family.

engagement photoshoot, couple in field of long grass


Shhhhhh it could be a secret!

Now this takes a bit of planning. How about having your photographers there for you at the actual time of the proposal. Whether on bended knee or not, arrange for us to be there with you just doing a lifestyle photoshoot with you. Then whilst we are doing this the proposal is made and we are there to photograph that amazing and wonderful moment and more importantly the fabulous reactions. Now that actual moment, the one where you said “Yes” is priceless, and as such is to be captured and treasured forever. Not forgetting, that we do love being part of a big surprise.

engagement photo shoot, moment of proposal

How can we book an engagement shoot.

We offer both engagement photoshoots and also a lifestyle shoots. You don’t even have to have booked us as your wedding photographers, this is an additional service that we are thrilled to be able offer to everyone. If you would like to talk to us in more detail about your very own engagement or lifestyle shoot then you can get in touch with us by clicking here.
If you would like to arrange a photoshoot to include us being there to capture the actual proposal please get in touch and tell us all about your plans we really would love to be a part of this with you and we are really good at keeping a secret x.

engagement photoshoot, bride and groom to be on the north yokshire moors

You can see more details of our lifestyle photo shoots by clicking this link here.
If you would like to talk to us about your wedding photography, then please get in touch as we would love to hear about, and be a part of your amazing plans.
Thank you x.




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