Yorkshire Wedding Barn Wedding Photography – Monica and Kieran

Yorkshire Wedding Barn Wedding Photography |Monica and Kieran | Yorkshire Wedding Photography by And Ever After Photography

By And Ever After Photography, Yorkshire Wedding Barn wedding photography. We were thrilled to be asked by Monica and Kieran to photograph their big day not least of which, as it was our first visit to The Yorkshire Wedding Barn, which is a beautiful location set in fantastic grounds that seem to go on for miles and miles into the Yorkshire countryside.

Winter weddings are magical affairs with often chilly but bright days with the occasional bit of rain thrown in. Monica and Kieran’s wedding day had a little bit of all of these. However the weather did not dampen  the excitement as Monica and her bridesmaids were busy getting ready for the big day ahead. Meanwhile Kieran and Tim (the best man ) were busy putting the finishing touches to the barn where the wedding breakfast was going to be held. This looked amazing, with lots of personal touches . This was the perfect setting for them both to return to as Mr and Mrs Okey, and a big surprise for Monica as she had not seen the room set up for their wedding reception.

Daisy the beautiful yellow VW camper van was the chosen method of transport to the church in Richmond for their  service, and after which it was back on board Daisy returning to The Yorkshire Wedding Barn Here the celebrations began with the champagne flowing and the speeches bringing both laughter and the odd tear to the room.

Following the wedding breakfast we had some time with Monica and Kieran to take some more photographs of them this time against the backdrop of the Yorkshire Wedding Barn lit by it’s twinkling lights before they took to the floor for their first dance.

The day was rounded off with an amazing firework display out over the lake which was a brilliant end to such a special day.

Please enjoy a small selection of photographs from Monica and Kierans wedding day. To view our prices for wedding photography please click here.

Yorkshire Wedding Barn

Monica and Kieron-1Monica and Kieron-2Monica and Kieron-3Monica and Kieron-4Monica and Kieron-5Monica and Kieron-6Monica and Kieron-7Monica and Kieron-8Monica and Kieron-9Monica and Kieron-11Monica and Kieron-12Monica and Kieron-10Monica and Kieron-13Monica and Kieron-14Monica and Kieron-19Monica and Kieron-15Monica and Kieron-17Monica and Kieron-16Monica and Kieron-18Monica and Kieron-20Monica and Kieron-21Monica and Kieron-22Monica and Kieron-23Monica and Kieron-24Monica and Kieron-27Monica and Kieron-25Monica and Kieron-26Monica and Kieron-28Monica and Kieron-29Monica and Kieron-30Monica and Kieron-31Monica and Kieron-32Monica and Kieron-33Monica and Kieron-34Monica and Kieron-35Monica and Kieron-36Monica and Kieron-37Monica and Kieron-38Monica and Kieron-39Monica and Kieron-40Monica and Kieron-41Monica and Kieron-42Monica and Kieron-43Monica and Kieron-44Monica and Kieron-45Monica and Kieron-46Monica and Kieron-47Monica and Kieron-48Monica and Kieron-49Monica and Kieron-50Monica and Kieron-52Monica and Kieron-51Monica and Kieron-53Monica and Kieron-56Monica and Kieron-54Monica and Kieron-55Monica and Kieron-57Monica and Kieron-58Monica and Kieron-59

Monica and Kieron-61Monica and Kieron-62Monica and Kieron-63Monica and Kieron-64Monica and Kieron-65Monica and Kieron-66Monica and Kieron-67Monica and Kieron-68Monica and Kieron-69Monica and Kieron-70Monica and Kieron-71Monica and Kieron-72Monica and Kieron-73

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