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Solberge Hall Wedding Photography | Sally and Ian | And Ever After Photography

Solberge Hall Wedding Photography by And Ever After Photography. Sally and Ian first met us at a wedding open evening at Solberge Hall, we loved hearing all about their plans for their wedding day which was going to be great to photograph for them. A pre wedding photo shoot was arranged at The Yorkshire Sculpture Park and we had a great time with Sally and Ian  wandering around the park taking photos of them with the sculptures and catching up with their wedding plans and photography ideas. Sally and Ian love a good giggle and we were  really excited about  their wedding day. They told us they wanted natural shots of the wedding day and their guests enjoying themselves.

On the morning of the big day the bridal preparations were well under way when we arrived. with  Sally’s niece Ella  who was the flower girl being the star of the show. Ian along with his best men arrived in good time just as Sally was having the finishing touches to her hair, makeup and dress. It was a proud moment for Sally’s dad as he walked his daughter down the stairs at Solberge Hall and along to The Hambleton Suite where the wedding guests and most importantly Ian, were waiting.  The ceremony was beautiful with vows and rings exchanged and a kiss sealed the deal for Mr and Mrs Webber.

We loved photographing Ian and Sallys special day as it happened, capturing the days events as they unfolded, there were lots of laughter, a few tears, tons of love and not forgetting lots of dancing . Solberge Hall was a beautiful setting for Sally and Ian’s special day with the party lasting well into the night. Congratulations Sally and Ian it was wonderful to be a small part of your first day as Mr and Mrs Webber x.

If you are thinking of getting married at Solberge Hall, and like our style of wedding photography why not get in touch with us to see if we are available for your big day.

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Please enjoy just a few photographs of Sally and Ian’s wedding day.

Solberge Hall Wedding Photography


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