Top Tips For Your Wedding Photography.

We were asked recently about what would our top tips would be for wedding couples with regards their wedding photography. We have written other articles about how to choose a wedding photographer  and And Ever After Photography (us) as your wedding photographers. You can read these articles by clicking on the links.

These hints and tips have resulted of many years experience of wedding photography, whether you are getting married in a hotel, a barn or a castle, in North Yorkshire, County Durham or anywhere in the UK they will all apply.

These top tips are in no particular order:

1. Book Early.

To avoid disappointment. You have done lots of work researching to find your perfect wedding photographer, but have left booking them until the last minute. There is a good chance for a good wedding photographer will be booked on your date. Our advice would be to do this research early in your wedding journey and book your photographer as early as possible to ensure you get the photographer you want.

2. Meet In Person.

It’s so important to have the right photographer for you. That’s just not the work that they show you, it’s also about personalities, do you all get on? If you do then you will be far more relaxed on your wedding day about being around each other. This makes for much more natural photographs. This meeting also starts the building of the important and fabulous relationship between you and your photographers, this is vital part of choosing your wedding photographer.

3. Have Two Photographers.

Our next top tip is that if at all possible have two photographers to shoot your wedding day. This means more photos, different angle and perspectives and teamwork will make your dreamwork.

4. Any Secrets On Your Day?

Are you planning on doing anything on your wedding day that is a secret from your guests or from each other? Let your photographers in on the secret. Just so we can be in the right place at the right time to photograph it for you.

Singing Waiters On a wedding day at Middleton Lodge

Singing waiters – a secret kept from all of the wedding guests.

5. Allow Time.

Allow enough time in your day’s schedule  for your photographs to be taken, like the group photos and the wedding couple shots all need to be factored in.

6. Next Top Tip – Preparations.

Carefully plan your preparations with your photographers in mind, especially with hair and make up, ideally the bride should not be the last to get ready, made up and hair done. One of the best moments of the day is the first look by dad / mum or best friends of the bride all ready to go. This is a magical moment and one that should be allowed time for with the bride being ready for this in plenty of time to let the emotions of this moment be photographed.

bridal reveal to her mum and her bridesmaids

Leave time for things like the fabulous reveal – magical moments.

dad seeing bride for the first time


7. Group Shots.

These are awesome if you want them, but they can take a long time to organise and take. Which is why we advise keep them to a minimum just have those that you need. This way you will have more time to mingle and enjoy the company of your wedding guests.

Wedding day group photographs at Middleton Lodge

8. Spare Shoes.

Often the wedding couples photos will involve a stroll around gardens, grounds or country lanes, which may not be too pleasant if your wedding shoes are really uncomfortable. Plus there’s nothing worse than that sinking hell feeling when watching a glorious sunset on a area of grass. We advise that you have a second pair of comfortable and flat shoes with you, just so you can slip them on and off easily when needed.

bride wearing pink wellies on her wedding day at Headlam HallConsider having alternative footwear for your day.


9. Ask For Photos.

All the planning and preparation cannot make up for you seeing how your wedding day looks like on the actual day itself. That’s why you may see something that you would like photographing during your day. Details, guests or even extra pic of yourselves against a backdrop that you love. Then make sure you ask your photographer to take the photo for you.

10. The Final Top Tip.

Probably the most important one. RELAX! And enjoy everything about your day. We like to think of ourselves as friends with cameras and your photographs will be a perfect way to remember and relive the moments and emotions forever.




We hope that these few top tips have been useful and may help you when considering your wedding photography. We would love to hear all about your plans for your wedding day and we can be contacted by clicking here. We look forward to hearing all about your fabulous wedding plans.

Graham & Bridgit.




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