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Solberge Hall Wedding Photography | Craig and Emma | Yorkshire Wedding Photography by And Ever After Photography

By And Ever After Photography – Solberge Hall Wedding Photography. Its not very often that  I get to be a guest at a wedding as well as taking the wedding photographs. I have known Craig and Emma for many years and when they asked me to be their wedding photographer for their big day at Solberge Hall I was over the moon. As well as being at another fantastic wedding celebration I could sit down for a while with everybody else and enjoy a delicious three course meal and toast the happy couple with a glass of champagne, only one though as it was back to taking photographs for me as soon as the speeches started.

A lovely bright sunny day greeted Emma as she started her wedding day preparations with Craig’s daughter’s  Beau and Freya keeping a close eye on things. One of Emma’s closest friends Paula and her two nieces were also bridesmaids, not to mention her nephew who took his role as ring bearer very seriously indeed. The wedding day flowers arrived and it was time for Emma to put on her wedding dress – she looked stunning. Meanwhile Craig  and his best man Richard were waiting patiently downstairs at the bar (just a bit of Dutch courage) for the start of the wedding ceremony.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful with laughter and a few tears before it was congratulations Mr and Mrs Bainbridge. After a few family group photographs I was able to sneak off with Craig and Emma for a short time where we explored the beautiful grounds at Solberge Hall. We were able to take some great photographs of them both which they will be able to keep and treasure forever.

The day was perfect and it  flew by. Before you knew it the evening reception guests were arriving, and it was time for Craig and Emma to cut into their wedding cake, the cake topper was brilliant (well done Craig – your one and only job according to Emma) and then they started the evening celebrations with their first dance. Once all of this was photographed it was camera equipment away, relax and enjoy the rest of the evening with a wonderful couple and  friends. Thank you so much Emma and Craig and please enjoy just a small selection of your photographs from your day.

Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-26


Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-1Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-2Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-3Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-4Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-5Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-6Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-7Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-8Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-9Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-10Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-11Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-12Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-13Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-14Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-15Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-16Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-17Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-18Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-19Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-20Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-21Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-22Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-23Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-24Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-25Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-26Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-27Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-28Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-29Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-30Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-31Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-32Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-33Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-34Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-35Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-36Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-37Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-38Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-39Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-40Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-41Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-42Solberge Hall Craig and Emma-43


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