Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

A little bit of information about outdoor wedding ceremonies.

Outdoor wedding ceremony at The Morritt Hotel

An outdoor wedding ceremony can be stunningly beautiful, just imagine saying your “I do’s” against the backdrop of a fabulous summers day surrounded by all the beautiful things that Mother Nature can provide. Outdoor wedding ceremonies are becoming more and more popular with wedding venues now providing an option for you to become married outside. There are just a few things to consider whilst planning your perfect day either inside or out.

Things to consider for your outdoor wedding ceremony.

Can we legally be married outside?

You need to check that where you plan to marry outside it is legal to do so. This has to be an approved structure and tends to be under anything that has a fixed roof. For example a permanent gazebo or bandstand. Wedding venues tend to have their outdoor wedding ceremony area approved along with their designated inside spaces. For outdoor ceremonies you are planning away from a recognised venue the option would be to become legally married at an approved premises prior to your outdoor ceremony. After this you are free to have your outdoor ceremony in the middle of a forest, up a mountain or in a private barn. Here you can hire a wedding celebrant who will perform the outdoor ceremony for you both. We would recommend contacting your local registry office for full information about approved wedding locations.

Bride and mum walking doen the aisle at their outdoor wedding ceremony

The great British weather.

Sadly none of us can control this element of your wedding day and the best laid plans can sometimes need to revert to plan B. At wedding venues this usually means having an indoor ceremony room set up and ready to go as an alternative for you on the day. If you are planning on being totally al fresco at your own wedding location consider providing umbrellas for your guests. Or some sort of shelter that may be in keeping with your chosen wedding day theme. Let your guests know that your wedding will be outside so they bring appropriate clothing for the weather and the changing temperatures throughout the day. This could be having blankets available for guests as the evening temperature drops. Likewise make sure there is plenty of liquid refreshment available for your guests in the event of a hot and muggy wedding day.

outdoor wedding ceremony at Solberge Hall

Make the most of your space.

One advantage of having an outdoor wedding ceremony is there is plenty of space. In these current times of social distancing use the available space to provide a safe and complaint area for your guests to view and enjoy your wedding ceremony.

Outdoor wedding celebrations at places other than wedding venues tend to be less formal, so embrace this with things like no seating plan allowing guests to pick their own seats. You can even plan your theme around the outside space becoming one with nature at that time of year. Your wedding day should be a reflection of you and your partner and an outdoor wedding allows you to create a truly unique celebration.

outdoor wedding ceremony flower


Music is usually a key part of any wedding ceremony, so if needed, make sure to ask your venue what sound and speaker systems they have in place. If there is nothing available for the space. One option is to go with a portable, battery-operated system but all of this needs to be planned and arranged in plenty of time.

outdoor wedding ceremony at The Morritt Hotel

Outdoor Wedding Photography

An outdoor wedding ceremony provide us photographers some amazing opportunities for unique and very special photographs for the wedding couple against beautiful backdrops. The advantage of having a couple of photographers ensures that all angles and vistas are captured, both the close up intimate photos of the ceremony as well the wide vista shots of the wonderful setting where you are celebrating your day. Outdoor weddings give you less control over lighting, which means you need to think carefully about how to create light at your celebration. A lighting backdrop can be used to create a romantic ambiance and ensure the correct lighting levels during your ceremony.

bride and groom holding hands at the outdoor wedding ceremony

outdoor wedding ceremony at Judges Hotel

It is your celebration.

Outdoor wedding ceremonies offer you an infinite number of opportunities and ways to celebrate your special day. Whether you book a wedding venue with outside ceremony space available for you. Or you go really off grid and tie the knot in woodland several miles from anywhere. Make your wedding extra special by adding lots of personal touches such as photographs of you and your partner or personalised handmade decorations. Flower garlands look perfect at outdoor weddings. They can be extremely versatile and can be used to decorate fences and trees trunks, hung from branches, or used to create elegant flower arches. Pinterest is a fabulous resource to find inspiration for your outdoor wedding ceremony.

bride and groom walking down the aisle after getting married at the outdoor wedding ceremony

bride and groom walking down the aisle after getting married at the outdoor wedding ceremony

bride and groom walking down the aisle after getting married at the outdoor wedding ceremony

We hope that you have found this article of use if you are thinking of planning an outdoor wedding ceremony. The venues featured in this piece are Judges Hotel at Kirklevington, Solberge Hall in Northallerton and The Morritt Hotel at Barnard Castle. Click on the link names to see more information about these wedding venues with outside wedding ceremony facilities.

If you would like to talk to us about being two photographers at your wedding celebrations we can be contacted by clicking here.

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