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Morritt Hotel Wedding Photography by And Ever After Photography.

After meeting Leanne and John at a local Wedding Fayre we were over the moon that they chose us to photograph their very special wedding day, even though at that time they had not decided on the location for their wedding celebrations. That was quickly sorted out and they found the perfect location at The Morritt Hotel and Spa as their wedding venue, from then on the planning and preparations could start in full.

Leanne and John chose Easby Abbey for their pre wedding photography shoot, a beautiful location where we caught up with all of their wedding plans and ideas.

Before we knew it their wedding day had arrived, early start for us as we photographed Leanne and her daughter Charlotte having hair do’s done and make up applied ready for the day ahead. John arrived in plenty of time along with Matthew who was keeping an eye on how everything was going.

What a beautiful ceremony we saw with John just about keeping everything together before we managed to steal them away for a few photographs taking full advantage of the beautiful grounds at The Morritt Hotel. The speeches followed the wedding breakfast with the best man Mark impressing everyone with his Facebook research into the groom, John has made several new friends and received lots of marriage advice from facebook users of the same name including one, a US senator.

What a fantastic day Leanne and John’s wedding day was,  and it was our pleasure to photograph your special day for you both, thank you x.

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Please take a look at Leanne and John’s wedding day storyboard and also below a few of their photographs, telling the story of their special day.


Please see the photographs from their special day


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