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Hardwick Hall Hotel Wedding Photography | Gemma and Dan | And Ever After Photography

By And Ever After Photography – Hardwick Hall Wedding Photography. There was no sign of the bad weather that had been forecast to arrive , which made way for a beautiful and bright day for the wedding of Gemma and Dan at Hardwick Hall. The grounds around Hardwick Hall looked fantastic with autumn colours displayed all around. Gemma was with her bridesmaids keeping an eye on the clock and making sure that everyone was going smoothly and leaving more than enough  time to have celebratory drink of fizz or two, just to calm any nerves that there might have been. Her daughter Summer was especially excited to be a bridesmaid for her mum and dad and I don’t think she stopped smiling all day.

Gemma looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress with her mum and dad being so proud. Dad’s expression saying it all when he first saw Gemma ready for the big day ahead. Meanwhile family and guests had started to arrive,  some having travelled internationally to be with Gemma and Dan on their special day. It has to be said that Dan was a little bit emotional especially when he saw Gemma and her dad walking up the aisle to take their place next to him. Nerves quickly disappeared when Gemma and Dan became Mr and Mrs Bursey.

We were able to get some stunning photographs of the newly weds before it was time for the speeches and the wedding breakfast to begin. After which we were able to get some more “together”  photographs of Gemma and Dan this time inside Hardwick Hall whilst the evening guests arrived.

What a fantastic day this was for Gemma and Dan and we are so thrilled that we were there to photograph their day for them. Thank you so much and please enjoy just a small number of the photographs that tell the wonderful story of your wedding celebration.

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