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Gisborough Hall Wedding Photography | Kati and Richard | And Ever After Photography

We first met with Kati and Richard last year when they were really excited to tell us all about their plans for their wedding day in March 2015.

We caught up with Kati at her home just after she arrived back from the visiting the hairdressers, while the champagne flowed and the bagels kept coming we photographed the bridal preparations. Kati’s brother Simon,  was in charge of opening the fizz while Dave, Kati’s dad was left in charge of the washing up.

The service was to take place in the gorgeous little church at Bolton on Swale, Richmond, North Yorkshire followed by a reception at the magnificent Gisborough Hall. Although it was a bit on the chilly side, the rain stayed away.

At the church Richard and his best man Andy had arrived and were waiting patiently, welcoming guests to the church. The groom and groomsmen all looked very smart and top hats came in very handy for keeping heads warm.

Kati and her dad Dave arrived in style albeit traditionally late, but it was well worth the wait as she looked stunning. Kati was accompanied by her three bridesmaids who looked lovely in their burgundy coloured dresses adorned with cream fur stoles. Following the ceremony, guests made their way to Gisborough Hall, but not before showering the bride and groom with what seemed like an endless supply of confetti as they left the church grounds.

Gisborough Hall is a beautiful location for a wedding celebration, and we spent most of the day capturing  those in the moment photographs of the bridal party and all of the guests. We “borrowed” Kati and Richard from their guests for a short time which allowed us to photograph them on their own at a number of different places within the grounds and the Hall itself.

These were so easy to take as both the bride and groom loved having their photographs taken. Kati and Richard are a couple who are very much in love, it was a pleasure being part of their day and thank you for making us feel so welcome during your special day.

Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-10

Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-1Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-2Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-3Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-4Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-5Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-6Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-7Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-8Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-9Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-10Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-11Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-12Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-13Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-14Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-15Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-16Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-17Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-18Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-19Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-20Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-21Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-22Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-24Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-23Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-25Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-26Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-27Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-28Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-29Gisborough Hall Kate and Rich-30


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