Wedding Proposal – It’s time to pop the question.

So congratulations, you have found the person who you want to spend the rest of your lives with, this is such an exciting time for you both.  Your thoughts may be turning to your proposal. How should I / we do it? When should I do it? A big all guns blazing proposal or a much more low key intimate moment? All real questions that you have to think about.

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Ultimately only you know what the best way would be to do this. A situation that you know you would be both comfortable with. However you choose to propose its the moment that makes for a truly unique and memorable occasions that starts you on your wedding planning journey. We have put together just a few ideas for you to have a think about and we hope this will help you make your moment.

A Proposal At Home

For many, a more low-key proposal may suit them better than an all guns blazing public display. A proposal at home is every bit as romantic and meaningful and also has the advantage of creating less pressure as you are in total control of how and what things happen for the moment.

Create a candle lit dinner.

Candle lit dinner proposal

This is a classic way of popping the question. Recreate your favourite meal that you love to cook, or if its a favourite takeaway – order that in. Set the scene with the candles and a scattering of rose petals. Not forgetting the background music, a playlist of your favourite tracks playing in the background creating the perfect atmosphere. You can even serve the ring on one of the dishes as you bring it in. You could even recreate your first date, wearing the same perfume / aftershave recreating that first excitement.

Movie Night Proposal.

Why not put together a movie night, whether it be Netflix binge watch, a Disney classic movie or a chilled out night in front of the TV with a plentiful supply of popcorn. You could put a twist on this by creating a slideshow of your favourite moments together, either photos or video. So as you press play instead of The Greatest Showman your own wonderful memories fill the screen. And then cue the ring!

It’s All Balloons.

How about filling a room with balloons. There is an incredible choice of balloons that you can buy. Imagine the surprise of going down on one knee surrounded by carefully chosen, colour coordinated balloons. What a moment and what a memory. You can even combine this surprise with a planned family gathering, for a birthday or other celebration, with everyone else in on the surprise this has double the effect when you ask the all important question.

note pad after propsal saying that he did

Create A Memory Box.

Why not place the ring inside another box or boxes that you surround with memories (photos, keepsakes) gathered so far in your relationship. All wrapped up with tissues and ribbons and at the end the ring box shape is uncovered, then the excitement of knowing what is about to be asked will be all consuming.

Proposal In Public.

This option, which is away from home, offers more choice for you in terms of where, when and how your proposal should happen. Here are just a few of our thoughts and ideas.

Plan A Walk.

Plan a walk, long or short, at your favourite locations. Then at an appropriate moment you pop the question. This is an intimate and very memorable way of proposing with the bonus of it being so picturesque for any photos you take of this memory.

Silohette of amn and woman doing wedding proposal.

love heart sratched in sand on a beach

man and woman sat on bench under the northern lights


Include Your Children Or Pets.

A fab way to include those who are most precious to you both is to have them with you on your trip to the beach, or to the park. The moment is made all the more special by being surrounded in a favourite place with this who matter the most to you. Tears almost guaranteed. Of course your children and pets will be with you throughout your wedding journey, with your fur baby even making an appearance on your day.

wedding dog

 Have A Picnic.

There is something really special about planning and preparing a picnic. With candles, a chilled bottle of something, with a selection of your favourite picnic food and of course the ring!  Combine this with planned walk and the picnic becomes the perfect moment to ask for their hand in marriage. A picnic can also include some of your closest family or friends, plus they can carry the hampers for you. Or just keep it intimate between the two of you.

picnic wedding proposal

Propose At Your Favourite Restaurant Or Planned Wedding Venue.

You may have talked about getting married and decided on the perfect wedding venue for your day. Why not plan to visit this venue and become engaged here when you do. Also by visiting your favourite restaurant whilst enjoying your favourite food then you can pop the question. You can choose to involve the venue or the restaurant so they can help you with the planning or go completely solo and surprised everyone at the time.

The list in really endless for planning your proposal away from home, things like planning a balloon ride, visiting your favourite city either in the UK or abroad, a rooftop bar or terrace with a favourite view for you both.

You can even keep things really simple it really is whatever you are most comfortable with as the moment will mean the same however you decide to propose.

Coffee beans spelling out will you marry me on a saucer

Involve A Photographer.

This is a fantastic way of making sure you capture the moment. You arrange to have a photography shoot at a chosen location or venue, with the photographers brief to capture the moment that you make the proposal. This is an awesome way to get amazing photographs of the two of you as part of not only the photo session but also the perfect “I Do” moment. These photos can be prepared very quickly for you, so that you can go ahead and share your special moment with the world.

engagement photo shoot, moment of proposal

engagement photoshoot, wedding couple to be on photoshoot with their dog

Contact us if you would like to chat to us about arranging a photoshoot that covers your wedding proposal, we would love to hear all about it. You can get in touch with us by clicking here.

We hope that this blog has been of use to you. Enjoy your wedding planning journey and we have written a couple more blogs that may help you with this. One all about choosing your wedding photographer. 

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We hope that this has been of use to you and our portfolio can be seen by clicking here.

Thank you.

Graham & Bridgit.








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