So, do you need a wedding album?

To answer this question very quickly the answer would be no you don’t, but it is a matter of personal choice. We make no secret of the fact that we love seeing your photographs printed in one of our luxury wedding albums, there will be no hard sell for you to have one. Let us take a bit of time to explain why we think that a wedding photography album should be a serious consideration for you.

Luxury wedding album - photograph album

Digital media is changing.

This is not new, who remembers floppy discs to record data onto, no? What about CD’s, all types of media that digital data was recorded onto which are now obsolete. Even some modern computers do not have a USB port to connect these types of pen drives anymore. Data can also become corrupted which is why we labour the point to our wedding couples to make sure that they have a number of copies of their wedding photographs held in different places.

Looking at your photographs in a wedding album is fab.

There is no better feeling than looking through your wedding day memories laid out in a personally designed wedding album. It’s so much easier to look through your wedding album rather than all of the digital photographs you received especially when done with a cup of something warm or even a glass of fizz. Printed photographs and albums are designed to last a lifetime and well beyond.

Wedding Album - Go Rnge

A family legacy.

On this point, modern wedding albums are designed to last for a very long time. A wedding album is a massive contribution to your family legacy with memories preserved in print for you, your children and your children’s children to look at and enjoy. A fabulous snapshot of this part of your family history.

Wedding album spine

Can I get an album cheaper elsewhere?

Yes you can you can get wedding albums online or from high street stores, but you need to be aware that will not be getting the same quality as you would from an album printer who only supplies to photographers. These printers ensure that the print colours will be consistent and of the best quality. You need to see the same colours on the print as you do on the screen. Online album suppliers will often use automated printing which may not do justice to the colours on your wedding photographs.

Our wedding albums are supplied by Graphistudio a printing company based in Italy. We have chosen this company due to the consistent high quality of their wedding albums, each of which are handmade with attention to detail and their lifetime of skills poured into every wedding album. You have invested into your wedding day and the professionals to be there to photograph those priceless moments for you. We would advise that you invest a little more into a quality and luxurious wedding album individually designed around your most favourite photographs from your perfect day. Providing that amazing family heirloom that its value only increases with time.

 Your wedding album from And Ever After Photography.

Whether you include a wedding album at the time of booking us or if you come back to us after your wedding day we get really excited about designing your album with you. This includes the layout of the photographs inside your album to the type of and colour of the cover of your album. We will outline the process for you for a wedding album that we have recently designed for one of our wedding couples, Caitlin and Richard.

 You choose your photographs.

From your online gallery you choose the photographs that you would like to have in your wedding album. The number of photos will depend upon the type of and size of wedding album you have chosen. Albums can be upgraded to have more pictures if you can’t get the numbers down. Of course we are available for help and advice during any stage of the planning and designing of your album.

wedding album design

We design your album.

Once we have your photos we get to work designing the layout for you. We like an album to be in chronological order telling the story of your day. We love to make features of some of your photos making them half page or in some cases full page pictures. We design this using computer software and then we send the draft copy to you electronically. You receive the link where you can see how your wedding album will look. Photos can be moved, changed or removed at this stage, you just let us know.

Album cover choices.

Album Colour Choices

Once you are happy with how the album looks inside we then arrange a get together using a Zoom conference call. Here you can see a mockup of your wedding album and have chance to see how it looks with the choices of types of covers and colours available to you. Here you can also add any extras to your album for example names and dates on album covers etc. Once this is all agreed then we send your wedding album off to be made for you, in Italy.

Your album is made for you.

As your wedding album is handmade this can take up to six weeks to make for you. Once it is ready it will be sent back to us. We would normally then deliver your wedding album to you, however due to the pandemic restrictions we have been sending albums direct to the couples address. We look forward to getting back to the situation where we can go back to delivering albums by had, hopefully soon.


Wedding Album Delivery

The wedding albums are shipped from Italy well wrapped and protected for you.

Wedding album box

Caitlin and Richard chose to upgrade the leather on their album. Also having their names and wedding date on the album box and cover truly made the album so personal to them.

Wedding Album Cover

They also chose to colour coordinate the wedding box internal colours with the wedding day flowers.

wedding album delivery

wedding album delivery

wedding album delivery

Thank you Caitlin and Richard.

We hope that this information has been useful to you. If you would like any further information about the wedding albums we supply please get in touch. You can do so by just clicking here. 

Graham & Bridgit.

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